July 25, 2011

Dubai 2010 • the 10th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m)

The 10th FINA World Championships
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
15–19 December 2010

This swimming-only championships took place in the Dubai Sports Complex; all events were swum in a 25-meter (short-course) pool.

Ehmisa is the traditional Arabic name for turtle, and is pronounced eh-misa. Ehmisa, along with his brothers and sisters, are known as Green Sea Turtles, one of only two species that are native to the UAE. Late one night in 2002, Ehmisa was born on the beach in a Dubai turtle sanctuary. The excited young turtles immediately swam out to sea and enjoyed many adventures growing up in the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf, just off the coast of Dubai. Growing up, Ehmisa watched in awe at the amazing growth taking place in his home city. When Ehmisa heard about the wonderful swimming champs that are taking place in Dubai later this year, he decided he wanted to be part of these championships and so he returned to Dubai and joined the team.

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