November 11, 2011

[Google Doodle] 2011 • Central American Independence Day

Costa Rica • El Salvador • Guatemala • Honduras • Nicaragua
Date : 15 September 2011

[Google Doodle] 2011 • Ismail Yasin's Birthday - Egyptian comedian / actor

Ismail Yasin's Birthday - Egyptian comedian / actor
Date : 15 September 2011
Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Tunisia

[Google Doodle] 2011 • Chuseok or Hangawi - Harvest festival in South Korea

2011 Chuseok or Hangawi - Harvest festival in South Korea
Date : 12 September 2011

[Google Doodle] 2011 • Moon Festival

2011 Mid-Autumn Festival in China, also known as Moon Festival
Date : 12 September 2011

2011 Rugby World Cup — the 7th Rugby World Cup • New Zealand

2011 Rugby World Cup was the seventh Rugby World Cup, a quadrennial international rugby union competition inaugurated in 1987. The International Rugby Board (IRB) selected New Zealand as the host country in preference to Japan and South Africa at a meeting in Dublin on 17 November 2005. The IRB Council eliminated South Africa in the first of two rounds of voting.

The tournament was won by New Zealand, who defeated France 8–7 in the final. South Africa, the defending champions, were eliminated by Australia 11–9 in the quarter-finals.

It was the largest sporting event ever held in New Zealand, eclipsing the 1987 Rugby World Cup, 1990 Commonwealth Games, 1992 Cricket World Cup and the 2003 America's Cup. The organisers expected 95,000 visitors from overseas to travel to New Zealand for the event.[4]

[Google Doodle] 2011 • Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup 2011
8 September 2011