July 29, 2011

SINGAPORE 2011 • the 3rd ASEAN Schools Games

3rd ASEAN Schools Games

: the Logo :

The logo comprises of an olympic torch with 10 tongues of flame arising from the mouth representing the 10 member countries of ASEAN.

The silhouette of the torch resembles the nose and eyes of a lion symbolising the historical name of Singapore - Singapura (Lion City).

The swash of grey serves to emphasise the facial features of the lion while also adding a sense of dynamism to the logo. The dynamism of the logo is also evident in the shift of illustrative style of the lion's mane from a stiffer, more physical nature to one more fluid and gentle. This represents the range of sports events in the games.

The stiffer section of the lion's mane is also reminiscent of the mane of the Singapore Merlion.

The official colours of the ASEAN logo of White, Blue, Red and Yellow are incorporated into the logo in the form of the torch and the lion's mane. The gradual shift of colours from red to yellow serves as a graphic element to the logo, adding more depth aesthetically to the symbol of the lion.

The bars at the lower portion of the torch design create the roman numeral for '3'; symbolising the 3rd time that the Games are being held.

: Mascot : Sean, the Lion

The Mascot for the 3rd ASEAN Schools Games is Sean – the Lion.

Sean is truly a representative of ASEAN as his name is an acronym of 'South East Asian Nations'. Sean is a spirited young lion, whose friendly smile embodies the message of ASEAN solidarity and inter-cultural engagement promoted by the Games, as well as the warm welcome of the host country – Singapore.

Sean is dressed distinctively in red and white, the national colours of Singapore; they are colours that resonate with the vigour and vitality of youth.

His fiery red mane captures the meeting of youth sport talents from ASEAN, their passion for sports and the pursuit of sporting excellence in these exciting Games.

Much like the bold animal he is designed after, Sean represents the aspiration of the games – to set its young participants on a bold and exciting journey to discover the spirit of sporting camaraderie and excellence.

Singapore hosts 3rd ASEAN Schools Games 2011: http://news.gov.sg/public/Press%20release%20ASG.pdf

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