August 3, 2010

Cambodia — Kingdom of Wonder 'Branding'

National Geographic's recreation of Angkor Wat temple in 1,150 AD.

Cambodia - Kingdom of Wonder

It's designed to demonstrate 3 key elements:
1. Cultural Attractions — a unique cultural heritage spanning more than a thousand years of history;
2. Natural Attractions — astonishing scenery with dense, unexplored mountains, forest, rivers, caves and waterfalls;
3. People and Traditions — Cambodians are extremely hospitable, resilient, welcoming and kind; smiles are heartfelt.

These are the elements, the essence of what Cambodia wants to project as a country, both locally and globally. The main tagline is Cambodia — Kingdom of Wonder and the primary brand colour is golden orange to denote monk's robes, sunsets, warm people and vibrant culture. The flagship identity will be the unique and iconic Angkor Wat (above) and the following six logos will be used when promoting destinations and activities of interest.

Coastal Destinations — for tourism to the southern coast's white-sand beaches and off-shore islands including Sihanoukville and surrounding areas like the mangrove systems of Ream, Kampot, Kep and Koh Kong

Community-Based Tourism — community-based, rural tourism products including visits to villages, rice paddy fields, silk weaving farms and village homestays

Cuisine — identify food including cooking classes, restaurants offering tasty Khmer cuisine, vibrant markets and festivals

Culture — promote traditioanl music and dance including the famous Apsara dancers, world-renowned institutions like the Cambodian Royal Ballet, The Royal Palace and Museum, silk and other handicrafts like silk weaving and stone and wood carving

Nature and Ecotourism — nature-based tourism including travel to mountains, forests, rivers, caves and waterfalls, any ecotourism-related activities, elephant trekking, indigenous cultures of Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri and areas of outstanding natural beauty and primary jungle that are home to a variety of animal species

Mekong — promotion of the Mekong River and the Dolphins as well as Kratie, Stung Treng and journeys to the Lao border

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