January 6, 2011

Republic of China (Taiwan) Centenary • 中華民國建國一百

the 100th Founding Anniversary of the Republic of China

—: Official Logo :—

The basic element of the centennial logo is three interconnected "100," which represents the power of unity, and the main slogan "A Spectacular Century; Republic of China (Taiwan)" symbolizes that the country has experienced various wars, impacts and growth just like joys and sorrows of life. The main part of the official version of the centennial logo uses gold color to symbolize the heavy, steady and brilliant 100 years and there are nicks of history on its surface showing elegance of the times. The extension version of the logo gives all walks of life the freedom of creation inside the graph of "100." In addition to inserting still and moving pictures, those who use the logo can put their slogans under the words of "A Spectacular Century; Republic of China (Taiwan)"

Use of the Republic of China centennial logo: eng.taiwanroc100.org.tw/event_Use of ROC Centennial logo

The ROC's centennial mascot Shining Baby "Guang Mang Bao Bao" in Chinese
Shining Baby Chosen as Taiwan's Centenary Mascot|Culture|News from wantchinatimes.com/

taiwanroc100.org.tw — the Official website by Republic of China (Taiwan) Centenary Foundation

Flag of the Republic of China
Name: Blue Sky, White Sun, and a Wholly Red Earth

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