January 19, 2011

2005 — 50 years Philippines - Germany

2005 commemorates 50 years since the Philippines and Germany signed the first formal legal instrument between the two countries, the Protocol on Trade Relations between the Philippines and the Federal Republic of Germany which was signed on 25 April 1955. This agreement thus became a symbolic instrument in establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The logo is a statement of the strong partnership between the Philippines and Germany. The colors found in both countries' flag are used to symbolize the flourishing relationship between the two nations. The use of the contemporary typeface (for the number 50) creates a controlled sophistication, which is also a reflection of the unique character and strengths of the two countries.

The "zero" also represents the sun, which symbolizes the new beginnings and the fulfillment of goals. Through 50 years of partnership, the Philippines and Germany have accomplished many of its objective to foster mutually beneficial relations, as well as promote trade, investment, and cultural exchange.

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