March 7, 2010

2008 — 140 Years of Thai-Italian Relations

A Journey of the Cordial Relations

Thailand and Italy has established their diplomatic relations on 3rd october 1868 with the signing of the Treas Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation. Since then the two countries have developed bilateral relations in various fields.

The year 2008 marks the 140 anniversary of the relations. The commemorating events have been organized in Bangkok by the Italian Embassy there. The Royal Thai Embassy in Rome has organized trade, cultural and social activities in the major cities of Italy during the year 2008-2009. Two commemorative books will be published and be distributed in the two countries.

To mark this special anniversary, a logo is designed to represent the journey of the cordial relations. The logo appears as an interlacing of two garlands:

one is made of laurel leaves – representing Italy
one is made of jasmine – representing Thailand.

These two kinds of leaf and flower have significant cultural and historical meanings in each country. The interlacing garlands represent the engagement and coordination of the relations.
The main colour of the logo is gold which represents the celebration. The colours of the national flags of Italy and Thailand are used to represent each country.

The logo is designed by Mr. Pich Tripasai, a Thai architect who is working in an architecture company in Italy whose works and imagination have represented the blend of culture and the complement of competence between the two countries.

ตราไปรษณียากรที่ระลึก ชุดความร่วมมือไทย-อิตาลี (๒๑ เมษายน ๒๕๔๗)
Italy - Thailand Joint Issue Commemorative Stamps (April 21, 2004)

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