November 30, 2010

Incheon 2014 — the 17th Asian Games

The 2014 Asian Games, officially known as the XVII Asiad, is the largest sporting event in Asia governed by Olympic Council of Asia (OCA).

September 19 – October 4, 2014
Incheon, South Korea

Emblem: Shape of latter "A", the first letter of "Asia", with a shining sun at its upper left, it symbolising the Asian people holding hands in the sky.

Motto: Diversity Shines Here

The three Harbor seals [Phoca vitulina stejnegeri], known as "Barame", "Chumuro" and "Vichuon", means wind, dance and light in Korean language, is in accordance with the theme of main venue. Insular Harbor Seal commonly found in Baengnyeong Island. According to the organisers, the mascot was chosen as symbolic to the future peace between South Korea and North Korea.

Main Stadium: Incheon Asiad Main Stadium
Capacity 70,000-72,000 (for 2014 Asian Games)
30,000 (after)

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