December 1, 2010

2010 — 350th Anniversary of the Royal Society

350th Anniversary of the Royal Society
the National Academy of Science of the UK and the Commonwealth
30 November 2010

On November 30th 1660 a dozen men gathered to hear the young Christopher Wren give a lecture. In the discussion that followed they decided to form a Society for the study of the new and still controversial "Physico-Mathematical Experimental Learning". Two years later Charles II made it his Royal Society, and since then its Fellows have given us gravity, evolution, the electron, the double helix, the internet and a large part of the modern world.

350th Anniversary of the Royal Society Commemorative Stamp - 25 February 2010
the 350th anniversary of the Royal Society is being celebrated by Royal Mail with a new split-stamp design.The ten 1st Class stamps feature significant figures from the Royal Society whose portraits are paired with dramatic and colourful images representing their achievements.
Royal Society 350th Anniversary Stamps

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