September 10, 2011

[Stamp] 2011 | 20th Anniversary of Ukraine's Independence

2011 | 20th Anniversary of Ukraine's Independence •

On the 20th anniversary of Ukraine's State Sovereignty June 25, 2011 the Ukrainian post by the project "Photostamps" will present the new issue published in sheet of 18 values with art decoration. On margins of sheet are represented the State Flag and Emblem of Ukraine.

The warranty designation of the face value «V» corresponds to the tariff to transfer of not priority non-registered letter in weight till 20 gr. in Ukraine.
Designer - V.Taran
Stamp is multicolored; printing process – offset, impression a foil.
Size of stamp – 26,1х8,7 mm.
Size of label – 26,1х24,36 mm.
Perforation comb. – 11 1/2.
Stamp protection – a microfont "2010", in UV beams the letter «V» is shone.
Printed in mini sheet of 18 values & 18 labels
Printing run of the stamp – 99 999 copies (5 555 copies of mini sheet)
On sheet margins are bar code and Order 1-3251 от 30.05.2011.
Stamp is printed on SE “Integrated Printing Plant “Ukraina” for production of securities".

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