October 4, 2010

2010 — 26th National Day Brunei Darussalam

The country's National Day Logos depict elements of national importance, such as the values of independence, racial, religious, national and monarchical values. Each logo created features these elements that signify the country's identity on the national day.

This year, the National Day Anniversary Logo takes the shape of a triangle with special definitions. This logo was selected through a logo design competition opened to the citizens and permanent residents of the country, ending on the 31st of August last year. The golden-coloured triangle symbolises a kingdom administered with the guidance of Allah the Almighty. The triangle also signifies efforts towards success with zikir, in line with the Malay, Islamic, Monarchy, M.I.B. philosophy.

The green and blue moon means safety, prosperity and tranquility of the nation, besides projecting the Bruneian patriotism. Meanwhile the pennant symbolises the country's identity that must be honoured and upheld. The striped stalk supporting the pennant signifies neighbourly tolerance among the communities of the country and throughout the world. This year's theme in jawi writing that adjoins the stripe reflects the nation's community that always practises their native culture in preserving its authencity and beauty based on the M.I.B. philosophy. The romanise characters, joint in the shape of a crescent clarifies Brunei as an Islamic nation. It also symbolises unity of the people in upholding Islam, peace, sovereignty of a monarchical system, and greatness of the nation.

Brunei's NationalDay.org.bn: official website

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