November 20, 2012

2012 — the 16th ASEAN University Games, Vientiane, Laos

ງານມະຫາກຳກິລາມະຫາວິທະຍາໄລ ອາຊຽນ ຄັ້ງທີ 16
 ທີ່ ນະຄອນຫລວງວຽງຈັນ ສປປ ລາວ

the 16th ASEAN University Games
Vientiane, Laos | 2012
12 - 20 December 2012, Vientiane, Laos

- "Nark" or "Naga" is a worshipped animal thoughout the ASEAN nations.
- "Nark" or "Naga" is an animal full of omnipotent power and it's believed to parry spirits and evilness.
- "Nark" or "Naga" appeared as long ago as 450 years in the Lao saga before the establishment of Vientiane and it took its name " Vientiane Chanthabury Sisattanabhut".
- Dok Champa (Frangipani - Plumeria sp.) is the symbolic flower of the Lao nation which is filled with its beauty, fragrance and auspiciousness.
- ASEAN University Sport competition aims at creating good will of spiritual solidarity, friendship and peace within the ASEAN community as the slogan " We are ASEAN Family " suggests.

- The Bee is a peaceful insect and it will always protect itself from external disturbance and dangers.
- Bees work in groups with great solidarity, strength and efficiency like savants and architectures of the ASEAN nations.
- Mr. Santiphab (Mr. Peace) represents the Peace between the ASEAN nations.
- Miss Mittaphab (Miss Friendship) represents the Best Friendship between the ASEAN nations.

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